16inch pneumatic tire 18V5Ah lithium battery electric balance bike for kids with kickstand PDF16-N

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    One Seat
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    16inch pneumatic
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    Lithium Battery
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    10 - 30 km
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    Rear drum brake
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    Zhejiang China
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Output Max power24V180W
Battery Lithium24v5ah
TireFront&Rear 16inch
Max speed13km/h &16km/h 2 gear
Max load45kgs
Product size1170*525*625mm
Carton size970*230*480mm

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Easy vehicle company profile



1. Q: Can I get some samples?

A: We are honored to offer you samples for quality check.

2. Q: Do you have the products in stock?

A: No. All bikes are to be produced according to your order including samples.

3. Q: What’s the delivery time?

A: It usually takes about 25 -35 working days to produce an order from MOQ to 40HQ container. But the exact delivery time might be

different for different orders or at different time.

4. Q: Can I mix different models in one container?

A: Yes, different models can be mixed in one container, but the quantity of each model should not be less than MOQ.

5. Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: Quality is priority. Highper People always attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end of the

production. Every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before it's packed for shipment.

6. Q:What's your warranty terms?

A: We offer different warranty time for different products. Please contact with us for detailed warranty terms.

7. Q: Will you deliver the right goods as ordered? How can I trust you?

A: Yes, we will. The core of our company culture is honesty and credit.Easywheel has been alibaba’s Gold supplier since 2003. If you check with alibaba, you will see that we have never got any complaint from our customers.





3 Tips: Kickstands


People buying a new bike for the first time are often shocked to learn that most bicycles these days do not come with a kickstand. Should you use a kickstand or not? Does a kickstand on my bike make me look like a nerd (or "phred" in cycling parlance)? The answer depends on what kind of bike you're talking about and how you plan to use it. The following tips should help you sort it out:


  1. Kid's bikes: Yes. Any kid's bike that does not have training wheels should have a kickstand. For most parents, the reasoning is, "He/She shouldn't be laying that brand new bike in the grass." Actually, laying in the grass temporarily is not really harmful to a bike. Go to any large organized bike event (like GOBA or Pedal to the Point), and you'll see literally hundreds of bikes, many of them worth thousands of dollars, laying in the grass. However, getting your kids in the habit of using a kickstand helps to instill good habits that lead to taking good care of their bikes in general. Thinking about how they leave their bikes when not in use will hopefully make them avoid leaving their bikes out overnight or in the rain, or that worst of all offenses, laying invisibly behind your car in the driveway. Make sure a kickstand on a kid's bike is sized properly. If it's too long, the bike will topple over to the opposite side when used on pavement, but if it's too short, it will sink into the dirt when used on grass.


  1. Road or mountain bikes: No. If you have any aspirations of being considered a "serious" cyclist at all, whether you're riding on- or off-road, then the kickstand is taboo, the first warning sign of your phred-ness, whether you're racing or just trying to hang with the group during medium-to-fast-paced club rides. You probably paid a premium price to get a lightweight bike, so why bolt an extra pound or so of steel onto it? Plus, the lightweight tubing used in the bike's frame wasn't designed to handle the additional stress caused by the kickstand clamp.


  1. Hybrids and cruiser bikes: Yes. These bikes are intended for more casual riding. You're probably going to make frequent stops to check out flora and fauna along the trail, wait for the kids to catch up, or to bop between the farmer's market and the coffee shop. Cruiser bikes are some of the few bikes that do come with a kickstand these days. Most hybrid bikes have a flat metal plate as part of the frame, right behind the pedals. This is the kickstand plate, so if your bike has one of these, then by all means, go ahead and indulge in a kickstand to make your stops more convenient. If you're using a road or mountain bike for casual riding or commuting, you may want to consider a kickstand for the convenience; check with your bike mechanic to ensure that it can be installed without damaging your frame.


In conclusion, when deciding whether or not to use a kickstand, you should do whatever works best for you without worrying about fashion or what other people think. As long as a kickstand does not impair you or your bike and you want to use one, then go for it!


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