125cc Dirt Bike 4-Stroke Gasoline Motorcycle with 17" Front Wheel

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    125cc, 4-Stroke, Manual Clutch
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    Front 17 Inch, Rear 14 Inch
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    Disc Brake
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  • Shipment port
    Ningbo shanghai
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Cheap classic motocross electric dirt bikes for sale

Product Description

125cc Dirt Bike 4-Stroke Gasoline Motorcycle with 17" Front Wheel

Engine125cc, 4-stroke, manual clutch,kick start
Max loading90kgs
TireFront 17 inch, rear 14 inch
Product size1770*730*1110mm
Carton size1535*430*710mm
Container20FT: 51pcs   40FT:111pcs  40HQ: 111pcs

Company Introduction

125cc Dirt Bike 4-Stroke Gasoline Motorcycle with 17" Front Wheel

Zhejiang EASY Vehicle Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2003 and it is located in No. 123, Huajie East Road, Yongkang, Zhejiang, covering 60 thousand square meters. It is now a mature and professional manufacturer of electric scooters, ATV, dirt bike and go cart and so on.

125cc Dirt Bike 4-Stroke Gasoline Motorcycle with 17" Front Wheel

125cc Dirt Bike 4-Stroke Gasoline Motorcycle with 17" Front Wheel

EASY Vehicle has many top class assembly line. The frame adopts the robot welding technology to keep the high standard. The automatic spray lines realize the different color. They guarantee the production capacity for 750K pieces every year.

EASY Vehicle has a set of electric scooter testing equipment, including charger aging, battery cycling, carton bursting, salt spray, endurance, hardness testing and a self-developed automatic road running fatigue testing platform. All products are inspected through quality-inspection center strictly then sold to all of the world.

EASY Vehicle always put the quality management on the primacy. The products meet the international standards of America, Europe and Australia. The testing reports are issued by those famous international lab such as ITS, SGS and BV. We own ISO9001, WMI, ICTI and over 70 patent in hand. It has passed the supermarket authentication and auditing for Wal-Mart,K-MART, TARGET, ARGOS and Disney. Innovation achieves development. Integrity wins the world. Welcome to Zhejiang EASY Vehicle! Join us and share the success.



1.Q: Can I get samples?   

A: Yes, we are honored to offer you samples for quality check.

2.Q: Do you have products in stock?  

A: Mostly No. All products are to be produced according to your order including samples.

3.Q: What's the delivery time?  

A: It usually takes about 30 working days to finish an order from 20ft to 40HQ container. Exact delivery time to be confirmed by further communication.

4.Q: Can I order different models to be one container?  

A: Surely, different models can be mixed into one container with the quantity of each model not be less than 20ft.

5.Q: How does your factory perform quality control?  

A: Quality is our priority. People always attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning to the end of the production. Every product will be fully assembled and carefully tested before it's packed for shipment. Third party inspection is also welcomed.

6.Q:What's your warranty terms?  

A: We offer different warranty time for different products. Please contact with us for detailed warranty terms.

7.Q: Will you deliver the right goods as ordered? How can I trust you?

A: Surely, you will receive the goods as confirmed. We are looking for long term business instead of one time business. Mutual trust and double wins are what we expect.

8.Q: Can I visit your factory? How can I go?  

A: You are welcomed. We are located in Yongkang, Jinhua, Zhejiang. Yiwu is the nearest domestic Airport.






Octane rating is a number indicating the efficiency of the fuel to get ignited under pressure or when compressed. The higher the number, the higher the tolerance of the fuel while compressed.


Iso-octane present in fuel blends is greatly resistant to a spontaneous explosion when exposed to heat and pressure while the engine is in its compression stroke. Motorcycles are considered to have high compression engines, and a higher compression ratio extracts more power. For which a high Octane fuel will make sense.




Theoretically, the higher the Octane number, the better is the combustion energy. However, high compression creates higher cylinder pressures and temperatures, which tend to induce knocking. Hence, one must take precautions before filling up their tank with higher Octane gasoline than recommended by the manufacturer, which will be based on the engine’s compression ratio.




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Almost all motorcycle manufacturers design their engines with a compression ratio that can at least handle this blend of fuel.


3b. 90+Octane Gasoline:


Most of the high-performers that hoon around with engine capacities upwards of a quarter-liter are best suitable for premium gasoline with a higher octane rating like the Octane 90+. Their need for more power is satisfied by a higher compression ratio, and to help better fuel ignition efficiency, a higher Octane rated gasoline should be used.


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For more information about 125cc Dirt Bike 4-Stroke Gasoline Motorcycle with 17" Front Wheel, we are glad to serve you.






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