What is the Difference Between an Electric Scooter and a Balance Car?

May 27,2022

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Among the popular transportation tools nowadays, electric scooters and self-balancing cars are the most popular products. Today, let's help you compare. Which car is more suitable for transportation?


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Difference between an electric scooter and a balance car


  1. bearing capacity


The bearing capacity of the self-balancing car and the electric scooter is not much different. However, because the pedal of the electric scooter is wider, it needs to be able to carry two people. Therefore, the electric scooter has more advantages in bearing capacity.


  1. Endurance


The single-wheel self-balancing vehicle has only one driving wheel. In addition to the difference between the maximum speed per hour and the driving mode, it is generally better than the electric scooter with the same battery capacity in terms of endurance. The longer the endurance, the more weight will be added. In this regard, the two are relatively consistent.


  1. driving difficulty


The driving mode of the electric scooter is similar to that of the electric bicycle, and it is better than the electric bicycle in terms of stability. It is easy to get started. The single-wheel self-balancing vehicle has no control device and only relies on the self-balancing function of the computer and the vehicle's response to the driver's driving intention to brake. Although the driving style of the self-balancing car is relatively new and easy to learn, it still needs a period of practice to achieve very precise control.


  1. Speed


The electric scooter has two wheels, and the acceleration and braking devices of the electric scooter can be manually controlled, so the control is more direct, so the reasonable driving speed will be higher. However, for the sake of safety, the speed of the electric scooter is generally appropriate at 20km/h, beyond which dangerous situations are likely to occur.


Although the balance car can reach a wider driving speed in theory, the manufacturer usually controls its speed within 20 kilometers per hour for safety reasons, so the speed difference between the two vehicles in actual driving is not very obvious.


In actual use, the difference between the two types of products in portability, endurance, and speed is not obvious. In terms of trafficability and speed, the self-balancing car is more dominant than the electric scooter, while the electric scooter is better than the self-balancing car in terms of carrying capacity and portability. If it is used as a means of urban travel, there is not much difference between the two. Either an electric scooter or a self-balancing car can be used as an option.


Common problems of electric scooters


How long is the battery life?


The lead-acid battery has a service life of only about 1-2 years due to its fast capacity decay, large volume, heavyweight, and less charging and discharging times; Lithium battery is small and light, and has more cycle charging times, which can maintain a service life of 3-5 years.


If you buy a new car, the battery life drops significantly after 6 months of use. After 10 months or so, you need to replace the battery.


Is the electric scooter recharged after use or recharged after use?


Do not wait for the battery to be recharged after the battery is exhausted, especially the lead-acid battery. Recharging after the battery is exhausted will have a great impact on the battery. The battery will be in a shallow cycle every day, which will reduce the service life of our battery.


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