What are the Applicable Groups of Folding Scooters?

May 27,2022

The folding scooter is not only light and smart but also safe and efficient. The foldable design is very suitable for daily driving or the last kilometer of commuters on the subway. In addition, the general folding scooters are relatively small, and most of them are equipped with laser tail lights, kettle racks, lithium battery protection racks, folding pedals, etc; The aluminum alloy folding frame is adopted. The fine porcelain and arc saddle are more comfortable. The one-piece wheel design gives consideration to wear resistance and fall resistance. The external pull-out platform bell is equipped with an exclusive lithium battery. If the technical parameters meet the rules of the new national standard, these folding scooters are quite worth choosing.


So what are the applicable groups for folding scooters?


folding scooter


  1. young people chasing the tide


As folding scooters are the product of modern technology, they are fashionable in style and can DIY their cars according to their preferences. This is also the favor of young people who pursue personalization in today's society.


  1. urban white-collar workers


Due to the large population density in today's cities, traffic jams occur from time to time. If you can afford a car, you may not be able to find a place to park. The emergence of folding scooters can just solve the practical problems of these people.


  1. car owners


Parking is a big problem when driving out for business. If you put a folding scooter in the trunk, it will be invincible.


  1. business travelers


People who travel by car know that taking a taxi to work in other places is also a big headache. Most of the time, it is not a matter of money, but money does not necessarily lead to a taxi. If you carry it in your bag, it is more than a little convenient.


  1. people living in buildings without garages


Every building has many residences and few garages. There are always some people who don't have a garage and can't drive everything. For example, when they buy vegetables, they want to buy a battery car and have no place to put it. Folding scooters can be folded up and carried home in their bags. They can only be taken out when they are in use.


  1. Students


It is unrealistic for both college students and primary school students to travel by car, so they should also have their mounts, which should be light and convenient for primary school students, and convenient for college students to store and catch up with the tide.


  1. middle-aged and elderly people


For older students, it's OK to go out by battery car, but it's not so convenient to park and move the car. The lightweight body and safe and stable performance are just the favorites of middle-aged and elderly people.


  1. people who like traveling and leisure


People who like to travel know that they want to see more when they reach a place, but they can't have a good experience by taking a taxi. Sometimes a scenic spot has a range of several kilometers, there is no car in it, and there is no cycling. At this time, if you have one in your bag, it's a very pleasant thing.


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