Some Key Points to Pay Attention to when Purchasing Electric Scooters

May 27,2022

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The electric scooter has been welcomed by many people because of its convenience. However, we are still struggling with how to choose a good electric scooter. Next, I will analyze it with you.


electric scooters


Purchasing skills


  1. Bodyweight


As highly portable travel equipment, the weight of the electric scooter is a topic often discussed by riding users. Consumers choose to be small and light so that users can carry it on buses and subways. This is especially important for female users. Many electric scooters have a folding function. After folding, they can be pushed and pulled or held by a hand, which is convenient for users to carry and store out. This is also one of the factors that consumers need to consider when purchasing. Otherwise, the electric scooters bought back are bulky and can not be folded, which will instead become a burden for travel.


  1. Speed limit function


When buying electric vehicles, consumers are easy to consider the speed of the electric scooter as one of the conditions to consider whether to buy or not. They believe that the faster the speed per hour, the better the performance of the electric scooter. However, as users, we seek stability before speed. The speed limit function can ensure the stability of the vehicle's speed and improve overall safety.


  1. Braking function


Braking is particularly important. Braking is an important function to slow down and stop in case of an emergency. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to the braking part when purchasing a car.


  1. Shock absorption effect


Many users don't pay much attention to the shock absorption effect. Shock absorption can protect the car itself to a certain extent, and more importantly, let users have a comfortable ride. If the shock absorption effect is not good, let alone make the user feel bad when riding, the wear of the car is relatively faster.


How to see the performance of electric scooters?




It must be a rubber handrail, which can not only shock absorption, but also anti-skid, and eliminate hidden safety concerns.




At present, there are four main materials for pedals in the market: plastic, all iron, semi-iron and semi aluminum, all aluminum, and magnesium-aluminum alloy. It is recommended that you choose magnesium-aluminum alloy pedals because the compression resistance of magnesium aluminum is stronger than that of all aluminum.




The brakes are all set on the top of the faucet. You should move them by hand to check whether the brakes are flexible.




When choosing an adult scooter, you must choose a double shock-absorbing scooter to reduce the vibration during use and improve comfort.


After knowing these details and basic knowledge, we have our car purchase standard when we buy electric scooters.


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