How to Protect the Electric Scooter in Rainy Days?

May 27,2022

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With the enhancement of environmental awareness, more and more people begin to use electric scooters to travel under the call of the state. Everyone hopes to use their car for a long time, but whether a car is durable depends on the quality, but the most important thing is how the user maintains it. So how can we maintain the electric scooter? The following are the specific precautions for normal use.


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Precautious for electric scooters in rainy days


  1. Avoid driving to places with serious pounding on rainy days


When it rains, try not to drive the electric scooter to a place with serious water accumulation, because too much water will cause poor line contact. If it is necessary to cross, try to choose some roads with shallow water accumulation, and the water depth should not exceed half of the wheel, because it is very likely to cause a series of problems, such as no bell, and brake failure, controller failure, etc.


  1. Don't brake hard when riding on rainy days. Pay attention to slowing down


In the process of driving, the speed should not be too fast. Do not brake hard when the road is slippery. When braking, the action should be gentle. Judge the road conditions as soon as possible. Do not brake hard. This can avoid accidental injury caused by uncontrolled wheel side slip. When parking the electric scooter on rainy days, it is best to cover it with a plastic cloth to protect the controller of the electric scooter from being wet by rain.


  1. Do not charge the electric scooter immediately after it gets wet


After the electric scooter gets wet, do not immediately plug in the power supply for charging, which will cause a short circuit, and the circuit plate corrosion of the charger will also occur when it gets wet. Put the electric scooter in the parking lot and dry it in a ventilated place. Before charging, check whether there is water at the battery connection interface, wipe it clean or wait for it to dry before charging, to avoid leakage.


  1. Please dry the controller before using it


If the controller is flooded, the electric scooter can be placed in an underground parking garage or a ventilated place to dry. If the controller is flooded and causes a short circuit, maintenance personnel should be arranged to repair it before it can be used normally.


When traveling on rainy days, the electric scooter is prone to water, which may reduce the service life of the electric scooter. Therefore, you must be careful when traveling on rainy days!


How to prolong the service life of electric scooters?


  1. Develop the habit of charging as you use to keep the battery fully charged. Because most electric scooters use lithium batteries, if they are not used for several months, please keep charging and discharging at least twice a month to keep the battery active.


  1. The charging time shall be determined according to the travel of the electric scooter, which shall be controlled within 4-12 hours and shall not be charged for a long time.


  1. When charging, use a matching charger and place it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid high temperature and humidity. Do not let water enter the charger.


  1. Avoid water flowing into the car body charging socket and short circuit of the car body circuit. In addition, avoid washing the motor with water to prevent water from entering the motor.


  1. Do not wash with water directly during cleaning to avoid water entering the body. It is recommended to wipe with a wet towel.


  1. Protect from sun exposure.


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