How to Fold and Retract the Electric Folding Scooter?

May 27,2022

kickstart folding 4 wheel electric and kick scooter

To meet people's demand for short-distance transportation, industrial design companies have more and more transportation tools in people's lives. Electric scooters occupy a place among various transportation tools because of their advantages of energy-saving, portability, environmental protection, convenient operation, and fast speed. The electric scooter has become popular in recent years. It integrates leisure and entertainment but also has great practicality. White-collar workers go to work, take a short walk, take a driving experience, etc. How to fold and put the electric scooter?


electric folding scooter


Fold three steps


Step 1: there are two folding latches on the upper crossbar of the handle of the electric scooter. Hold the latch and pull it down to bend the handle.


Step 2: open the vertical folding latch of the electric scooter and fold down the handle.


Step 3: there are two folding buttons on the connecting bridge between the front wheel and the pedal. Press the two folding latches inward by hand to naturally fold the body until you hear a "click" to buckle the body. Just lift the electric scooter and place it in the open space.


Retract three steps


Step 1: open the connecting bridge between the front wheel and pedal of the electric scooter. Unlike folding, press and hold the left button to open the body.


Step 2: Open the folding buckle of the electric scooter handle.


Step 3: raise the vertical bar, adjust the height to the appropriate position, and the electric scooter can run normally.


How to choose the best electric scooter?


What should be paid attention to when buying an electric scooter: when it comes to the weight of the electric scooter, some people think it is easy to carry and light. Therefore, the weight is not important at the time of purchase. What matters is durability. About 10 kg is very good, but you should also pay attention to the lightweight. The battery has a small natural capacity and relatively low endurance. Some enterprises write a lot of data. The larger the battery life, the heavier the battery, and the heavier the weight. Generally speaking, tens of kilometers are the most common data.


The best speed of each car is generally between ten kilometers per hour. Therefore, this intelligent speed limit car is very safe. It is important to consider a good brand when selecting a brand. Because the quality is guaranteed. In the face of function selection, it is necessary to see clearly what shock absorption and braking are like. Some even have a cruise function, which is very practical. According to the model, some of them are explosion-proof tires. Of course, there are problems with the graduation certificate. It also depends on how the power is and how the uphill is.


The choice of electric scooters depends on their use. Many of them are folded. This kind of braking system and constant speed cruise is available. They can be used in practice and are very convenient. In particular, it is very good to use as a proxy driver. In terms of lighting selection, there is also a lighting system, and even the battery can be expanded. In the face of the diversity of these functions, it would be better to choose according to their use.


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