How to Buy an Electric Foldable Scooter?

May 27,2022

lightweight electric kick scooter with seat foldable adults

In terms of the core components of the electric foldable scooter, it includes three categories of the frame, motor, battery, and some conventional accessories such as brake, instrument display, and overall workmanship.


Electric Foldable Scooter


The first criterion for judgment: price


This seems like nonsense... But there are still many people who want to buy a brand machine at a fake price, which is impossible.


The second criterion for judgment: workmanship


Just look at it. It looks good and feels comfortable. It's generally OK. For details, observe the welding points and grinding degree of the frame. A good electric foldable scooter has strict requirements for all levels. The workmanship is just faced, and it can't be poor. On the contrary, some bad ones, to save costs, are all about being able to use. After these two lines, you can brush down half of the car.


The third criterion for judgment: riding


Whether the riding process is comfortable, whether the flat road is smooth, whether the uneven road is bumpy, whether the climbing process is powerful, whether the motor sound is soft, whether the brake is flexible... These are all things that need to be experienced by the sample car, and most people need to experience them every day.


The fourth criterion for judgment: ride far away


Fully charged, and then ride it all at once to see if there are any abnormal problems during riding and whether it is comfortable to ride.


The fifth criterion for judgment: is long-time riding


Charge and discharge the battery circularly, and check the service condition of the battery. The electric foldable scooter that has carried article 5 is a good car. By this standard, less than 10% of the cars on the market can be left.


Let me break down the car structure corresponding to the judgment criteria.


Needless to say, you get what you pay for. The cost of a good car is there. Workmanship. This is the frame. Large factories usually open their molds and use their accessories. All parts are naturally integrated without stiffness; The aircraft aluminum alloy used is more expensive, and the strength and durability of the frame can be seen from the welding points; Painting is also more formal. The logo of a good car is usually directly printed (welded) on the car body, and most fake cars are labeled. When you ride it, you will see the performance of the motor and the shock absorption of the frame. Riding far away mainly depends on the battery and ergonomics, and whether the single endurance of the battery can reach the expected level; If the design conforms to the human body structure, it is best to ride for a long time if you don't feel tired after riding, and see if the battery is durable.


Considering the situation of different groups of people, people who buy cars online can only make the first two judgments, plus most buyers' comments. They just need to be careful to think that the false bid price and those who buy cars in physical stores can make the first three judgments, and the fourth one can only be found after buying. However, most of them are too late. Generally, only merchants and manufacturers can know Article 5. Only merchants can be contacted by ordinary customers. It is most important to choose a reliable merchant at this time.


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