Features and Maintenance of Electric Scooter

May 27,2022

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Cars are not only our daily means of transportation but also an important part of our life. We need cars to go to and from work every day, as well as other trips. Cars facilitate our life. Cars are very important in our life. They are not only linked to our travel but also related to safety. Safety is very important. How about ensuring the safety of cars, This requires routine inspection and maintenance.


electric scooter


Features of electric scooter


The electric scooter is fashionable in appearance and small in size. It's no problem to take the subway bus. It's a good and small means of transportation to stroll around your home or go out for fun. The electric scooter is easy to carry out and has good performance.


The electric scooter has the advantages of crack resistance, deformation resistance, high cold resistance, and wear resistance. The aluminum alloy bracket and base are not easy to break, and the electric scooter has a frosted anti-skid pad on the bottom plate. The skateboard can move forward with reliable electric power generation. It doesn't need to push and slide with feet. It can do various fancy changes and cooperate with waist twisting. It is an entertainment and fitness activity that can strengthen personal balance ability.


The electric scooter is composed of a frame, wheels, batteries, braking system, lighting system, instrument panel, etc. it can be folded and carried by hand or put into the trunk of the car.


The electric scooter is relatively easy to drive on ordinary urban roads, with strong climbing performance and safety. The disc brake installed on the electric scooter is stable. The electric scooter has a low center of gravity and is lightweight, creating a safe and convenient travel experience for users.


The operation mode of the electric scooter is similar to that of the electric vehicle. The riding speed is freely controlled, the operation is convenient and comfortable, and the operation is relatively easy to get started.


Daily maintenance of the electric scooter


  1. Battery


The battery is the core of the electric scooter and accounts for a relatively high proportion of the price of electric vehicle accessories. It is not only because it is the power center, but also because it is closely related to the car's endurance. Buying a car must be for the convenience of travel. The endurance of the car is the top priority. So how to maintain the battery?


  • Attention to the placement of an electric scooter: the battery shall not be exposed to the sun or stored in a wet place for a long time. Therefore, if you want to park, you must park in a dry indoor or underground parking garage. If you can only park outdoors, it is recommended to put it in a shade.


  • Charging problem of the car: to be more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, arlang's electric scooter uses lithium batteries, so we must pay attention to charging in time. If it needs to be stored for a long time, it is recommended to charge once a month to keep the battery active;


  1. Vehicle inspection and maintenance


  • At ordinary times, you should check whether the parts of the tire or the faucet and the tightness of the brake. Before riding, you can first check whether the tire and the surrounding accessories are in good condition, hold the brake tightly to see whether it works normally, and then rotate the faucet to see whether it needs to be corrected;


  • Even if the mud stains around the tires are cleaned, pay attention to the wheel bearings and lubricate them in time to avoid wear and reduce the service life of the car;


  • Frequently clean the car and take care of the paint. The paint plays a decisive role in the appearance of the car. Pay attention to the parking of the car and do not expose it to the sun, which can maximize the service life of the paint.


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